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Bitz'n Pieces

Bitz'n Pieces is a variable program for variable occasions with short productions of the Tanzprojekt or guests. We love to communicate. This can be realized very well in the Bitz'n Pieces concept. In addition to the connection through the choice of pieces, the dance project tries to address the circumstances of the respective occasion. In this way, unusual places are transformed into play areas and new experiences arise from the interaction with other artists such as musicians, painters, video artists, etc.

Two Gardens

Choreography and Dance: Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth and Faith Jensen-Ismay

11 min. Duo

Taste of Heimat

Choreography: Elfi Schaefer-Schafroth and Jochen Heinrich

12 min

Other works

The saggy Armchair of Love 

Choreography, Jean Isaacs

12 min. Trio (Elfi Schäfer-Schafroth, Theresa Moser, Erich Walker)

Petals in the Flesh

Choreography, Jean Isaacs

5 min. Solo (Dance: Elfi Schäfer-Schafroth)


The House with the Red Roof

Choreography and dance: Amos Pinhasi, New York
15min. Solo


Choreography and dance: Amos Pinhasi, New York

15min. Solo

further works

by Jean Isaacs, Faith Jensen-Ismay, Patricia Rincon, Ursula Berger, Elvi Leu, Tatjana Orlob, Norbert Servos, Paula Lansley

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